2019 Antisemitism report in Austria

According to this, 550 antisemitic incidents were counted in 2019, 47 more than two years earlier. The report contains six assaults on Jews, including attacks on children in Viennese public transport.
Although the number of reported threats fell to a total of 18 reports, the number of property damage increased by more than half. A total of 78 such incidents were reported, including swastika smearing and damage to the former cemetery attendant's house of the Jewish cemetery in Göttsbach, Lower Austria.

For the first time, the authors of the report classify the incidents ideologically. Accordingly, most incidents (268) have an extreme right-wing background, followed by Muslim (31) and left (25) anti-Semitic motives. No assignment was possible for 226 incidents. In order to enable international comparability, the categorization of the incidents is based on that in Germany and the United Kingdom.

The majority of the incidents concern antisemitic verbal abuse, in addition there are anti-Jewish emails, letters, calls and postings as well as posts in social media. What you have to imagine: A Palestinian cultural forum from Vienna, for example, posted a photo of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, which shows him with a red eye, blood in the corners of his mouth and a Star of David on his forehead, how he sets out to do a howling, blood-soaked one and eat severely injured toddler.

Source: ikg-wien