2019 Antisemitism report in Hungary

One of the most important parts of the fight against antisemitism is precise information about the causes and extensiveness of antisemitism. For this reason, the main aim of the Action and Protection Foundation is to provide more information about this issue. Monthly, the Foundation observes public events and the press and records any incidents. Analyzing the information gained by monthly monitoring activity is of great help in protecting the community.

We have summed up our 2019 monitoring this annual report.

The report covers two kinds of actions:

Antisemitic hate crimes and incidents motivated by hate, both of which we will now refer to as a “hate crime”. In both cases, antisemitic motivation must be proven.

The report deals with two types of offence:

hate crimes and hate motivated incidents. 

Action and Protection Foundation (APF) identified 35 incidents of antisemitic hate

crime in 2019. One incident was classified as assault, and 1 as threat, 6 incidents fell

into the category of damage to property, and 27 were identified as hate speech.

Compared to previous years, this shows a slight increase in the number of incidents.

APF identified 32 incidents in 2018, while the results of our monitoring activities in previous years were the following: we detected 37 incidents in 2017, 48 in 2016, 52 in 2015 and 37 in 2014. It is important to note that APF started its suited monitoring activities in May 2013; therefore, we only started making year-on-year comparisons in 2014.

Source: TEV