2019 Antisemitism report in Ukraine

The United Jewish Community of Ukraine published the report "Antisemitism in Ukraine - 2019", in which it published the results of permanent monitoring of cases of antisemitism in Ukraine over the past year.

UJCU notes that in 2019 they focused on fixing and monitoring direct cases of antisemitism, which is reflected in the report.

In addition, UJCU has made efforts to conduct fact-checking - checking incidents that were discussed by the public, due to which some cases of antisemitism were not confirmed.

According to the UJCU's report on antisemitism for 2019, there were 66 cases of direct antisemitism in Ukraine, while in 2018 - 90 cases (according to the calculation methodology that was applied in 2019). Thus, in 2019, the level of antisemitism decreased by as much as 27%.

UJCU connects the decline in antisemitism in Ukraine with a change of government, as a result of which the active heroization of those who participated in the extermination of Jews and those involved in the Jewish pogroms decreases.

According to the conclusions cited in the UJCU report, in 2019 the level of domestic antisemitism decreased, but the number of acts of antisemitic vandalism increased.