Another TikTok user puts up video mocking holocaust survivors and receives almost 1 million likes

Another user of the popular online video platform, Tik Tok, has published a video mocking Holocaust survivors, and it has received almost one million ‘likes’.

The video shows the user, known as olivermcd54, imagining himself talking to a “cute Jewish girl” and then the girl, also played by him, lifts up her sleeve to give him her ‘number’ in a grotesque allusion to the Nazi practice of tattooing inmates at the Auschwitz concentration camp with a number.

The user as used the hashtag #ww2memes and, in an apparent effort at self-deprecation, has noted of the video: “this isn’t very funny”.

Campaign Against Antisemitism continues its robust engagement with social media companies over the content that they enable to be published, and we continue to make representations to the Government in this connection.

@olivermcd54 This isn’t very funny ##ww2memes
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Source: CAA