Antiemitic slogans in the anti-quarantine march in Buenos Aires

Antisemitic slogans- anti-quarantine march
Buenos Aires - A group of about three hundred protesters gathered around the Buenos Aires Obelisk to protest against the mandatory quarantine for the coronavirus.

Under a cold, gray sky, some carried Argentine flags, posters, and rattled saucepans. A small group of protesters took the opportunity to attack the media with the slogan that "the people have to wake up, all the media work for the powerful who run the world; the politicians are Freemasons and Zionists, Zionism runs the world". More than 70% of the media is Jewish »

The banners read slogans against the national and Buenos Aires governments and the "false epidemic" and in favor of "freedom" and "humanity". Others question "the false epidemic" and the role of the WHO. With some exceptions, most protesters wear masks or masks.

Source: visavis