BDS activists play IDF soldiers, stage mock hanging in Vienna

Antisemitic activists on Viktor-Adler-Platz / Reader reporter
Vienna - Anti-Israel activists who support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign targeting the Jewish state acted as Israeli soldiers and staged a mock execution of an alleged Palestinian man in the heart of Vienna.

The Austrian news outlet Heute first reported on the anti-Israel stunt, which took place Saturday on Viktor Adler Square in the Austrian capital.

“Supporters of the antisemitic BDS movement staged a tasteless campaign. They staged an execution disguised as Israeli soldiers.”

Heute posted a photograph of two men wearing green uniforms, one of which states IDF, while holding rifles.

A man, who is supposed to be Palestinian, is on his knees in front a concrete slab, holding both hands high.

“The anti-Israel movement BDS which was originally primarily active in the USA, has also been active in Austria for a long time. The anti-Zionist and antisemitic movement rejects Israel's right to exist,” wrote Heute.

In February, Austria’s parliament declared BDS an antisemitic campaign.

Heute wrote that “The BDS movement calls for boycotts and sanctions against Israel, the legitimacy of which is to be denied as a state. The State of Israel and Jews are demonized in demonstrations. For example, by accusing Israel of genocide that defies all facts. Experts therefore classify it as antisemitic. The Palestinian Authority under Mahmoud Abbas also rejects the BDS movement.”

Source: Jpost