Antisemitic comparisons on posters against corona measures

Berlin Five different posters were discovered in Friedrichshain, comparing the Corona measures to antisemitic politics in Nazism. 

On three posters you can see historical photos of Jews with Star of David armband, as they were used in occupied Poland from 1939. The current photo of another poster shows a woman in the supermarket wearing an armband and mouth guard with a star of David. On the four posters you can read " Fuck the face masks. 1939 was the last time they told us what to wear." The fifth poster also used downright historical comparisons. There's the text: " What the fuck is going on? First, the German government says citizens are dirty and diseased. Next, they dictate dress code in shops. Does this sound familiar? Did we forget history?".

Antisemitic comparisons with the persecution of Jews were also documented in other contexts, such as part of the nationwide rallies against the Corona measures.

Source: RIAS