Holocaust relativization and antisemitism at corona demo

Sven Liebich
Photo: Twitter
Halle - A main speaker of a rally against Corona measures in Halle (Saale) wore a t-shirt with the picture by Anne Frank, and he also marked a counter-protester as "Jewish" and insulted him in a video of the assembly.

On the t-shirt there was a well-known picture of Anne Frank, marked " Anne Frank would be with us! Away with the curfew!". The comparison of the situation of Anne Frank, who had to hide from the Germans for more than two years in an Amsterdam back house until she was arrested by the Gestapo and finally murdered in the Bergen Belsen concentration camp, with the current Contact restrictions is an anti-Semitic relativity. Two participants were also seen at the demonstrations against the Corona measures on 16.5. in Halle, who carried a so-called " Jewish Star " or " Yellow Star " with the inscription " unvaccinated This is also a form of post-school antisemitism. One of these people also participated in a subsequent meditation against the measures to contain the Covid 19 pandemic.

The speaker, Sven Liebich, distributes the t-shirt in his mail order, as well as various stickers and buttons of a yellow star with the inscription "Unvaccinated". The word is kept in the same, the Hebrew font mockery as the inscription "Jude" on the yellow star of the National Socialists. Liebich, who used to be active in the now prohibited right-wing groups of Blood & Honour and Combat 18, addresses his mail order, but also with a telegram channel above all a far-wing environment.

As part of the event, Sven Liebich also towards a counter-protester to mark this loudly as Jewish. He filmed himself. He said, " Hey, what's your name, [name of the affected person], I have nothing against you because you are Jew, heard, on the contrary. (...) So [name of the affected person] once said I had something against him because he's Jew, which is total nonsense, Here: [Films on the picture of Anne Frank on his t-shirt]. (... ) No, (...), I have something against miserable SPD lice, but nothing against Jews, why should I have anything against Jews?". The abuse of Jews as lice is an antisemitic stereotype, which in particular the National Socialists have repeatedly resorted. The marking of people as Jewish, especially in front of a far-right audience, can have a particularly threatening effect for those affected.

Source: RIAS