Hundreds demonstrate peacefully in Leipzig and Dresden

Counter-demonstrators headed the protest march
by opponents of the Corona restrictions.
 Image rights: Moritz Arand
In the city center of Leipzig, hundreds protested in the afternoon against conspiracy theories and for solidarity instead of right-wing agitation. According to the police, around 350 people took part in the elevator. On banners, they demanded that neo-Nazis and agitators be given no space, not to applaud antisemitism, to protect fundamental rights or simply "distance from antisemitism, rights and conspiracy theories".

The action network "Leipzig takes a seat" and the "Youth against Right" called for a protest against a rally by the "Leipzig Movement". According to her, "Corona deniers" also include imperial citizens, right-wing populists and neo-Nazis, "often active in groups, willing to use violence and inhumane". According to police, the elevators through the city center remained without interference. There were only a few warnings and violations of corona protection requirements and the ban on masking.

Source: sueddeutsche