KNVB suspends for three months a GeuzenMiddenmeer trainer who called Jewish boy "cancer Jew".

The KNVB (Royal Dutch Football Association) 
The KNVB (Royal Dutch Football Association) communicated this in an email to members of the club on Thursday. . The trainer cold a Jewish boy 'jerk Jew' and 'cancer Jew'.

In the email, the board says it is shocked by the incident. 'This does not suit GeuzenMiddenmeer. Racism doesn't stand a chance with us. Everyone can exercise with us. That is precisely the strength of GeuzenMiddenmeer as an association. '

The association has announced that it will take a number of measures, including involving parents as an assistant in the youngest youth training courses. That 'parent task' already existed before, but the youth team in question had paid the trainer in question to take on that task. The club now emphasizes that parents cannot be replaced in this way, but must be actively involved in the training themselves. "Our association is so strong because of the involvement of many parents."

Source: parool