Maccabi coach Max Brym was insulted by a vaccination opponent and corona denier

Max Brym
Munich - On May 20., 2020 Max Brym, who coaches a football C youth team at Maccabi Munich, walks his dog in the English Garden in Munich like almost every day. Not far from the Chinese tower, the little terrier Richy is just snooping between the trees as a few meters away a mountain biker stops next to a bridge.
A man at the age of forty shouts to Brym: " You Jewish pigs are to blame! You Jews made this Corona! You Jewish scum!". Brym was wearing a training jacket of his club TSV Maccabi München e.V., which is also have a star of David printed on the front and back. Brym gets angry, walks towards the cyclist who wears a t-shirt with the inscription "Corona Leugner" and " vaccination opponent. Then the man drives away.

Source: RIAS