Monitoring Report # 2: Antisemitism at “Coronademos” (May 16 and 17, 2020)

On the weekend of May 16 and 17, 2020, numerous rallies of so-called "corona rebels" took place in Bavaria, which were directed against real and imagined state measures in the face of the corona pandemic. Once again, RIAS Bavaria has documented antisemitic incidents.

Antisemitism and conspiracy fantasies

Conspiracy fantasies also formed a background noise on the “Coronademos” documented by RIAS Bayern on May 16 and 17. Keywords were, for example, Bill Gates, mandatory vaccination, QAnon or New World Order (NWO). Such conspiracy fantasies are characterized by the following basic structure: A small elite, usually operating in secret, dominate people or the world through malicious machinations. Antisemitism also follows this “world declaration”. That is why there is always a risk that antisemitism will become manifest in the current conspiracy narratives. In the incidents documented by RIAS Bayern, normal detour communication was used: Ciphers such as “NWO” or “Rothschilds” make it clear who is meant without using the word “Jew”.

A participant of a "Coronademo" on May 16, 2020 in Rosenheim carries a sign that reads "Stop the corona scaremongering and limit our civil rights! Stop Bill Gates and the New World Order!". The "New World Order" (NWO) describes the anti-Semitic concept of a "New World Order" that the world is subject to. Photo: RIAS Bayern
A participant of a "Coronademo" in Augsburg on May 16, 2020 wears a T-shirt with the inscription "No Merkel WHO Gates Rotschilds and Co.". By Rotschilds is meant the Rothschilds' Jewish family, best known as the banking dynasty. "The Rothschilds" acts as a cipher for "the Jews" in anti-Semitism. Photo: RIAS Bayern
At a "Coronademo" on May 16, 2020 in Munich, Angela Merkel is referred to as the "NWO puppet". This stems from the anti-Semitic notion that a "New World Order" (NWO) would really rule the world and use politicians like Merkel as puppets. Photo: RIAS Bayern
On a sign on a "Coronademo" on May 16, 2020 in Munich it says: "Police officers! Do not be abused and made to bully by Bill Gates, George Soros, David Rockefeller and their German governors!". Analogous to "Rothschilds" above all the Jewish philanthropist and investor George Soros serves as a cipher for "the Jews". The statement corresponds to the anti-Semitic basic narrative: A small group of rich people is able to control people all over the world. For example, the persons mentioned here would also rule the Federal Republic of Germany, which is merely administered by their governors.
 Photo: LBGA Munich
This conspiracy thinking was also reflected in a speech on May 16, 2020 at a “Coronademo” in Augsburg . The speaker imagined the Federal Reserve System (FED), the central bank system of the United States, as a “real puller” behind the corona pandemic:

“These people, from Gates to von der Leyen, Merkel and the members of the opposition are all vassals of money, say the FED. The actual owners of the FED are secret, but you know their strategy ”

It also says: 

“There is no current photo of any of the FED owners, nobody knows who is currently at the head of these families and where these people live. You have to recognize the conspiracy, or let's call it cooperation, why this tiny little power elite got the second richest man in the world on board ”

This shows once again how antisemitism serves as a “declaration of the world”: the world is perceived in the way that one's own ideological conception pretends to be. This fends off the fact that you are exposed to the world with its complex mechanisms. You create your own world, which is characterized by simple good-bad structures. It no longer identifies the establishment of the world (in which no one is directly to blame) as hostile and contradictory, but rather identifies a “malicious” group as the enemy, in this case the supposed owners of the FED - with its destruction the evil from the world disappeared. This image of the world is less complex than the real one, supposedly known and therefore psychologically manageable. The uncertaintywhich is inevitably available to everyone in the complex real world, is warded off by counting yourself into a supposedly good collective that has to defend itself against evil powers.

The speaker in Augsburg also mixed conspiracy fantasies about Corona and Bill Gates with the classic antisemitic topos of “interest rate criticism”:

“The rulers are happy to approve of the fact that the nice bill can make billions with his vaccine, because if his vaccine is enriched with nano-crystals, it also serves to enslave, just like the nasal ring interest money on which each of us depends.

The reference to the “nose ring interest money” that enslaves mankind is nothing more than a description of the ultimate goal of National Socialism: the “breaking of bondage to interest”. In antisemitism, Jews are connected to the sphere of capital's circulation, such as interest. Incomprehensible processes are thus concretized in the "Jew". Accordingly, National Socialism differentiated between a good “creating” because of producing, capital, and a bad, because interest-returning, “gathering” capital, although the spheres of production and circulation of capital are actually intertwined. This thinking continues to this day, as exemplified by the speech in Augsburg.

Relativization of the Shoah

Also on the weekend of May 16 and 17, “Corona rebels” relativized the Shoah and National Socialism, but RIAS Bayern did not document as many cases of this manifestation of anti-Semitism as on the previous weekend. On May 16, a folder of a “Coronademo” in Regensburg bore a yellow star with the inscription “Not Corona Vaccinated!”. In Landshut , parents even infected their toddler with a “Jewish star” with the inscription “Not vaccinated”. A banner with the inscription “We are descendants of Sophie Scholl ... not Eva Braun” was shown in Munich . In Nuremberga sign saying “2020 = 1933” was shown. The presence of a journalist commented on a rally participant in Passau on May 16 with the comment “Stasi, SS!”. Apparently sympathizers of the imperial citizen scene presented a sign in Waldkraiburg with the inscription “Give the new world order and Dr. Mengele no chance! ”.

In this way, the porters put themselves in line as supposed victims with the persecuted and murdered Jews, play down the Shoah and mock the victims. The messages indicate a refusal to actually deal with the history of National Socialism and the Shoah. Such statements instead refer to the need to want to take the place of the persecuted or victim in post-National Socialist society - but not that of the offspring of offenders.

A folder of a "Coronademo" in Regensburg on May 16, 2020 bears a "Judenstern" with the inscription "Not Corona Vaccinated!" and downplayed the persecution of the Jews under National Socialism. It is striking that the star is made of felt, meaning that the wearer must have invested a relatively large amount of time and / or money in its manufacture. In addition, the bearer has a special responsibility or position as the folder of the rally. Photo: Jan Nowak
Source: RIAS