Strategic Affairs Ministry report: Coronavirus exploited to spread antisemitism

The Strategic Affairs Ministry published a new report detailing the use of the coronavirus pandemic to spread antisemitic conspiracy theories and to spread anti-Israel propaganda.

The "hate virus report" reveals, through a systematic comparison, the wide resemblance of publications by delegitimators among state, semi-state, and terrorist organizations hostile to Israel (most notably Iran, the PA and Hamas), and radical right wing parties, in the distribution of classic antisemitic theories.

In recent weeks, the ministry has been monitoring expressions of delegitimization and antisemitism that link the state of Israel and the Jewish people to the outbreak of the coronavirus. The comparison reveals the same use of motifs, blood libels, and conspiracy theories that include, among other things, blaming Israel and Jews for conspiring to take over the world, deliberately infecting and poisoning people and making money. For example, IDF soldiers are accused of deliberately infecting Palestinian Arabs through coughing, similar to the classic antisemitic plot whereby Jews infect the world with epidemics.

An expression of the gravity of the situation was recently presented by UN Special Rapporteur on Religious Freedom Ahmed Shaheed, who warned of the exploitation of the coronavirus crisis to spread antisemitic propaganda and called for "firm" measures against the phenomenon.