Swastikas used to 'Zoombomb' online Torah study session

Antisemitic "zoombomb" shows one user's photo as a swastika
In yet another antisemitic “Zoombombing” incident, a Shavuot study session held by the Steinzaltz Center on Wednesday night was interrupted by antisemites who posted swastikas and other offensive images. 

There have been numerous incidents of antisemitic Zoombombing, as the practice of gatecrashing or hacking into online video conferences has become known, since use of the Zoom video-conferencing platform became widespread following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

According to Rabbi Menny Steinzaltz, approximately eight individuals broke into the study session and began to curse, sing offensive songs, and raise their middle fingers to the several dozen participants in the conference call. 

The virtual assailants, who Steinzaltz said looked Middle Eastern, shouted “free Palestine” and “fuckking Jews,” while also using a Nazi swastika as their profile pictures. 

One individual also shared an image based on the poster for the movie Jaws showing the shark as Adolf Hitler and changing the word “Jaws” with “Jews.”

Antisemitic "zoombomb" shows the poster for the movie "Jaws" with Hitler as the shark about to eat the title, which reads "Jews" (Credit: Courtesy Steinzaltz Center)
It took a couple of minutes before the individuals could be ejected from the online event. 

Source: JPost