The court in Ceuta has sentenced a man for 1 year in prison for inciting hatred against Jews

The court of Section VI of the Provincial Court of Cádiz in Ceuta has sentenced a Ceuta to a sentence of 1 year in prison for the crime of hate speech. He is the first defendant for this cause to reach the highest judicial body in the city. The so-called I.Ch. has recognized the facts, assuming the sentence in conformity without the need to hold a trial.

The Public Prosecutor's Office has applied a highly qualified analog mitigation for the late recognition of the facts to the judicial presence, which has allowed the penalty imposed to be lowered since in the initial classification the petition exceeded two years. The condemned person accepts the prison sentence to which is added a fine of 360 euros, disqualification for three years to exercise certain trades related to the educational, teaching or sports field in addition to the obligation to remove all the content that he published for at least one year and medium, since July 2017, on social networks, eliminating accounts. The Chamber has imposed on him the duty not to use social networks either directly or indirectly during the term of suspension of the sentence, applied when the accused lacks a criminal record.

This person has come to be processed after an investigation by the Civil Guard, framed in the so-called Operation Tingitana , when he was detected in social network profiles such as Twitter and Facebook, in which he had thousands of followers, hostile comments towards Israel and the Hebrew communities, in order to encourage hatred, hostility and discrimination against Jews, in addition to belittling people of that religion.

The Civil Guard located in its investigation up to 30 comments in which the accused cursed the "genocidal dump of Israel" or "pleaded for the extinction of this State", recognizing in those networks that he was not antisemitic but that he knew how to distinguish between "Hebrew and Zionist, not like most sewer rats who do not know how to differentiate between Muslim and jihadist. "

As a result of the investigation carried out by the Benemérita, the Prosecutor's Office was clear on the accusation for a crime of hate speech. Getting to this judicial procedure has been thanks to an investigation by the Information Groups of the Civil Guard of Navarra and Ceuta, as well as by the Special Central Unit number 3 who were the ones who warned of the comments considering that said publications were an incitement in a "clear and direct" way to hate as well as to exercise violence against the "Jewish community and the State of Israel".

Some of his comments were those of "Israel, hopefully the day will come when you will disappear from the map, state of stolen land you are rats ..." or "you deserve extinction", in addition to "God hears my prayers", "murderous state" or "damn sons of rats."