‘Zionist police state’ graffiti in Hackney

'Zionist police state' daubed on a map in Hackney 
(Credit: Sophie Wilkinson)

Hackney, London - Police are investigating reports of antisemitic graffiti daubed in Hackney.

The phrase “Zionist police state” was daubed in two locations last weekend, including on a canal towpath and on a boat called ‘Shalom’.

“Police from the Central East Command are investigating an allegation of antisemitic graffiti at two locations in Hackney. The matter was reported to police on 9 May. No arrests, enquiries continue”, a statement read.

It was reported by journalist, Sophie Wilkinson, who noticed the vandalism on a map near the River Lea in Hackney.

She said: “Seeing ‘Zionist’ as a pejorative term truly upset me. As a Jew, I am under as much ‘state control’ as the next person, and to suggest Jews gain from this crisis is not only absurd but is part of seemingly never-ending racist conspiracy theories against us.”

She added, “that the Hebrew word for ‘peace’ has been interpreted as a threat to this vandal speaks volumes to their lazy presumptions about Jews and power.”

‘Zionist police state’ daubed on a boat called ‘Shalom’ in Hackney, on the right hand side. Someone has attempted to rub out the wording. (Credit: Sophie Wilkinson)
Source: Jewish news