2019 Antisemitism report in the Czech Republic

In 2019, the Federation of Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic recorded a total of 694 antisemitic incidents. This is twice as many as in 2018 when 347 incidents were recorded. However, 95% of the incidents took place in the internet spacet. In 2019, no cases of physical aggression have been reported, we recorded 6 incidents involving threats of harassment or insulting and 3 cases of vandalism of Jewish property.

The report also deals with analyzes of individual categories of antisemitic incidents and the main trends that can be traced from the annual statistics. The annual report also mentions the situation of antisemitism in Europe and in the world. As in previous years, the report states that the number of manifestations of antisemitism in our country is still at a very low level, especially in comparison with other countries in Europe and in the world. However, their danger in any form cannot be underestimated.

The Annual report on manifestations of antisemitism in the Czech Republic in 2019 was published with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture in the Czech Republic and the Foundation for Holocaust Victims.