A group “Zoombombed” a meeting of the Argentine branch of the World Zionist Organization

Buenos Aires - A group “Zoombombed” a meeting of the Argentine branch of the World Zionist Organization (WSO), making obscene gestures and sharing Nazi symbols.

The aggressors masturbated live and shared images of swastikas, while more than 150 people participated in the activity organized by the WSO Department of Promotion of Aliyah.

One of the participants, Yaco Cohen Chaluh, former director of DAIA and president of the Latin American section of the Sepharadi Educational Center in Jerusalem, described in dialogue with the AJN Agency: “the lecture/discussion was taking place in a very pleasant manner; people asked their questions…until these people interrupted, making obscene gestures and showing Nazi flags.”

“It was very unpleasant. Upon realizing it, I told the administrator what was happening. After about 8 or 10 minutes they were able to block them. But they went in and out several times,” he added.

Alejandro Mellincovsky, coordinator for the WSO in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay, explained to the AJN Agency that “it is not the first time that a Zoom [meeting] has been interrupted. It happened previously with very complicated hacks.”

“I made the corresponding complaint to DAIA for the institution to act so this does not happened again.”

The event occurred on Monday June 8 at 6.30 pm, when Elena Kovarsky was providing information for future olim who wanted to reside in a kibbutz.

The key to enter the Zoom had been shared publicly by OSM on various social networks.