A stone was thrown at a window of the only Jewish butcher in Denmark

Østerbro, Copenhagen - Gil Zchout, who owns and operates the only Jewish butcher in Denmark, was again subjected to vandalism last Thursday - a stone's throw against the window of Gils Deli on Lyngbyvej in Østerbro.

Since the terrorist attack against the synagogue in Copenhagen on February 14, 2015 when the Jewish guard Dan Uzan was shot and killed by the terrorist Omar el-Hussein, Gils Deli has been monitored by PET (Police Intelligence Services), yet the store has repeatedly been exposed to vandalism and stone throwing.

I came one morning. Then there were 'Jew pigs' here on the facade, Gil Zchout tells TV Lorry.

You can go out on Lyngbyvej and have a look - there are no other stores that have been hit. It just happened to me. And when I have also experienced there before, I'm pretty sure it has to do with my religion, Zchout adds.

According to TV Lorry, PET does not want to comment on the matter. According to the Copenhagen Police, a masked perpetrator has been seen on video surveillance from the store, but according to police, the motive cannot be concluded yet.

We can't exclude anything at this time. Hate crimes are included as one of the possible motives. There may be many motives, but it is a motive we are investigating, Deputy Police Inspector Jesper Bangsgaard told TV Lorry.

Source: miff