Antisemitic cliche participates in Nintendo game

Screenshots from the video game Mario Kart, app version
Mario Kart game enthusiast has only played the game offline with pre-programmed opponents in the recently released iPhone version of the app.

Shockingly, he noticed that one players nickname is "Jews did 911," a brief statement of the antisemitic conspiracy theory that the 9/11 terror attack was a Jewish plot.

CIDI has asked Nintendo for an explanation, but despite multiple attempts to get in touch, the company has not responded. 

In multiplayer mode, ie when opponents are other flesh-and-blood people, racist expressions via the available communication channels (in this case a player name) cannot always be prevented. All the more, game developers should provide features to report abuse, and then take these reports seriously. 

The alias 'Jews did 911' is believed to be based on the name of a real user, who then slipped through automation to the game's offline mode.

Source: CIDI