Antisemitism rampant among Islamist organizations in Germany, says report

Protests against the relocation of the US embassy to Jerusalem
 in Berlin's Neukölln district in December 2017. (Photo: dpa)
"Practically all noteworthy Islamist organizations that are active in Germany" are tapping antisemitic themes as part of their ideology, chief of German domestic intelligence told Suddeutsche Zeitung on Wednesday.

The newspaper revealed a report by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz), German domestic security service - detailing some 700 antisemitic incidents involving Islamists and Muslims.

Without revealing names, the report mentions a Furkan Foundation outlet clerk informing their guests that Jews are "are worth less than animals," an imam at a mosque run by Millî-Görüş organization calling for Palestine to be freed from the "evil Beni Israel" and a teacher of Syrian descent proclaiming that "all Jews belong in the gas chamber."

The newspaper notes that the cases are indicative of a "virulent" nature of antisemitism among members of Islamist groups; in some cases, antisemitic abuse also came from Muslims without radical group affiliations.

On a worrying note, the report also casts a shadow on the attribution of antisemitic incidents in the official German reports, warning that when in doubt, the cases are ascribed to radical right-wingers.

Germany's latest report, which revealed an uptick in antisemitic abuse in the country in 2019, cited the right-wingers as the main abusers - and ascribed the increase to right-wing extremists.

Source: ynet