Canary Mission special report: Far-Right network behind Coronavirus antisemitism

Exposing the leading players responsible for creating and spreading Coronavirus antisemitism and their plans to incite hatred and violence against Jews

Key Findings

1. The individuals in this report are responsible for a large proportion of online coronavirus antisemitism.

2. It’s not just coronavirus antisemitism, the individuals in this report have a long history of inciting hatred and violence against Jews.

3. The Pittsburgh and Poway synagogue shooters echoed the same antisemitic hatred online as 18 individuals in this report.

4. The same individuals who are responsible for coronavirus antisemitism are also responsible for spreading the conspiracy theory that Jews are the organizing force behind the rioting in response to the murder of George Floyd.

5. The most prevalent form of coronavirus antisemitism is the conspiracy theory that the “Jewish-controlled government” is exploiting the virus to serve Jewish interests, 19 of 26 (73%).

6. The most prevalent form of general antisemitism is the spreading of classic antisemitic conspiracy theories - 26 of 26 (100%).

7. Far-right content has a broad reach. While it is primarily being spread on their own platforms, YouTube continues to be a platform for coronavirus antisemitism.
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Source: Canary Mission