Conspiracy theorists have turned Covid misinformation and racial hatred into a video game

Conspiracy theorists are reportedly transforming Holocaust denial, far-right racist tropes and misinformation about COVID-19 into a video game.

It is understood that thousands of users of Discord, a voice and text communication platform intended for gamers, are posting conspiracy theories in order to accumulate ‘points’ that can then be cashed for rewards.

The game is designed to be addictive, awarding a user the title “verified truther” after he or she has posted at least three conspiracy theories and undertaken an interview with a more experienced conspiracy theorist on the platform.

While Discord has removed some of the chat channels discussing conspiracy theories, others rise in their place. Among the theories posted are discussion of the “Holohoax”, whether the Holocaust has been exagerrated and claims that “Zionists” are “a class of people that controls the world”.

Others include a theory that 5G mobile phone signals were designed by “scheming” Jews and played a role in the COVID-19 pandemic, similar to a conspiracy theory promoted by the antisemitic hate preacher David Icke.

Source: CAA