Petition created to ‘remove and expel’ 3 Austin students over video using racial, ethnic slurs

Source: Twitter
Austin, TX - A petition has been posted on calling for the principal of Austin High School to “remove and expel racist students” after a video featuring racial and ethnic slurs was posted online. The Austin Independent School District said it is aware of the recording and taking action. 

The petition claims the video was created by three incoming freshmen. 

The Austin Independent School District said it doesn’t release information about specific disciplinary action, but “took immediate action upon learning of the recording.” It said it is working with the students and families who are involved. 

“Austin ISD strives to be a place where people of all racial, ethnic and religious backgrounds feel safe and included,” AISD wrote. “We regret the video in question did not exemplify our standards.” 

A copy of the video posted on Instagram Monday shows three young women in a car wearing sunglasses and rapping what appears to be an original song. Some of the lyrics included use of the n-word and a reference to picking cotton, as well as antisemitic language and what appeared to be a reference to Holocaust gas chambers. 

“These students should be removed and expelled from Austin High School,” the petition states. “It would be a shame for the school district to not take action considering the pain and upset it has caused the Austin community, especially the Black and Jewish folks who have been specifically targeted by their disgusting language and actions.”

The lyrics to the rap are as follows: 

Hi, my name is G*** S***** and I love to buy White Claws / My sister's boyfriend's J*** M******, I wanna suck his b***s / Always in the Range, give me change, I'll buy you pods / You can be my friend but you might just get a block / My dog is super fluffy and his fur is very white / It consists of all the cotton that you picked for me last night / Yes, I say the n-word but I always have a pass / n***** / Catch me at OHMS, I'll be vapin' in your class / Yes I dated Gus, and yes, he is a Jew / Do I smell gas? / Yeah I think I do!

If the lyrics aren’t enough to shock the system, the video depicts the girls laughing and bouncing along to the music while wearing sunglasses.

The copied video has over 24,000 views on Instagram as of Tuesday afternoon.

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