Police raided apartments of people related to a publishing house in Brno on suspicion of publishing Nazi books denying the Holocaust

Yesterday, several house searches took place in Brno for the people behind the Guidemedia publishing house. 

Police are dealing with the publication of Germar Rudolf's book The Holocaust under a magnifying glass that denies the Holocaust. 

The publishing house has been publishing anti-Jewish and Nazi literature for a long time, and in the past it has also published speeches by Adolf Hitler or the antisemitic publication The Poison Mushroom by Nazi writer Ernst Hiemer. 

So far, no one has been detained or charged, the lawyer concerned Robert Cholenský told ČTK. 

The city prosecutor's office has so far refused to comment on the case.

House searches were carried out by the Czech police in cooperation with the Austrian police. Detectives from the National Center against Organized Crime (NCOZ) intervened on behalf of the Czech side.

"We don't know much about it yet, mainly it took place in the company. There is little information. No one knows yet what will happen next. We will wait for what will come of it, " Cholenský told ČTK. The Municipal Public Prosecutor's Office in Brno reserved the right to provide information from criminal proceedings. Jan Petrásek from the ČTK council said today that he will not provide any information on the matter yet.

Source: Brnenska Drbna