RIAS Bavaria documents 38 antisemitic incidents related to the corona pandemic

RIAS Bayern was able to observe over 70 meetings of so-called corona rebels in the Free State until June 10., which were aimed at actual and alleged state measures to combat the corona pandemic.

At 25 meetings, antisemitic incidents became known according to RIAS criteria. In addition, there are another 13 antisemitic incidents related to the corona crisis, which did not occur at demonstrations or rallies. For example, a walker was identified as a Jew and blamed "the Jews" for the coronavirus (http://tiny.cc/a4dnqz), scriptures with antisemitic conspiracy myths (http://tiny.cc/45dnqz, http://tiny.cc/v6dnqz) or glued a sticker on which the virologist Christian Drosten with was equated to the concentration camp doctor Josef Mengele.

While the number of participants in the demonstrations in Bavaria decreases more and partly significantly, some meetings and especially in the chat groups where they are organized, there is a radicalization trend. The involvement of extremely right-wing actors is also becoming more visible and antisemitic ideologems in many places. For example, the idea that ' Antifa ' is being paid for riots by the state or by George Soros, a Jewish billionaire, who is also a well-known antisemitic enemy image, for riots in the USA and is now being used against the ' corona rebels '.

In the course of this, the mood against press representatives and observers of the meetings becomes noticeably aggressive and hostile. They are being scolded as " antifa " or " lie press Photos of journalists were spread and called on a chat group to put up "bounty posters" in the city. In some cases, the hostilities already ranged to physical attacks, fortunately no one has been injured.

This radicalization and the increasing potential for aggression at the assemblies is not surprising: the conspiracy ideological antisemitism is mainly of the conviction that one of a few, to have recognized a supposed truth. This needs to be communicated to the world urgently, and the fewer people seem to share these ' insights ' - an impression that is obvious with decreasing numbers of participants - the more vehemently ' the truth ' must be proclaimed and may also be taken against their alleged oppressors.

In the corona related antisemitic incidents, post-Schoah antisemitism dominated, which was recorded in 26 of the 38 cases. These are often incidents that downplay the Schoah, for example by attach yellow stars with inscriptions such as " non-vaccinated " or showing posters that say " vaccination power free

In 13 cases (multiple mention is possible here) elements of modern antisemitism have been expressed. In doing so, 'the Jews' is attributed to political or economic superpower, for example when a T-shirt says: " No Merkel - WHO - Gates - Rotschilds (sic! ) and Co." (http://tiny.cc/27dnqz). " Rothschilds und Co " is a cipher for ' the Jews."

In three of the 38 cases, Israel-related antisemitism was also found. For example, a photo montage was shown on a " corona demo " where people are forcibly vaccinated " by uniforms. The emblem on the uniforms and cars of the fictional vaccination unit is based on a star of David and carries the inscription 'ZION' (http://tiny.cc/dfenqz).

25 of the 38 incidents were documented at gatherings. Ten cases have been assigned to the 'Injudicial Behavior' category. These include statements that specifically address Jewish persons or institutions in a targeted antisemitically malicious or discriminatory manner or are directed against non-Jews in writing or verbally, as well as antisemitic lubricants or stickers to non-Jewish property. In two cases, people were personally threatened, an incident was categorized as mass inscription.

Source: RIAS