Antisemitic threats to the deputy Pd Fiano: receives an image of Hitler with the words "in the oven"

Rome - An image of Hitler was delivered to the deputy of the Democratic Party, Emanuele Fiano . On the image the writing c. This was announced by the press office of the Pd group in the Chamber: “ 
An image of Hitler with the words "in the oven" ('Nel forno!') Has been sent to one of our deputy, Emanuele Fiano. A disgusting, stupid, antisemitic gesture. An offense to the millions of deaths in concentration camps, to the millions who died during the war to defeat Nazi-fascism and restore freedom and democracy to Europe". 

Fiano himself on Facebook publishes the photo of the Hitler image he received and comments: " They targeted me tonight but I don't want to be just pissed off ."

The deputies of the Democratic Party continue : “ Emanuele Fiano is not alone. Hundreds of citizens wrote to him to show solidarity and closeness to him. All the Democrats cling to him, and to all the victims of anti-Semitic, racist, violent, outrageous acts - and in recent years unfortunately they are not few - to witness together the refusal of these gestures, and our desire to defeat them now and always ".

Source: fanpage