The Amadeu Antonio Foundation report: "Civil society situation antisemitism in Saxony"

Nationwide, antisemitic incidents have increased significantly in recent years. The attempt by the assassin on October 9, 2019 to use force of arms to storm the synagogue of the Jewish community in Halle / Saale and to murder the members of the community marks a sad climax of the antisemitic violence. The incident shows that even more than 70 years after the murder of 6 million Jews, anti-Semitism remains a key challenge for our society.

This civil society picture provides exemplary insights into different facets of anti-Semitism in the state of Saxony. The focus of the situation picture is on civil society and explicitly Jewish perspectives on antisemitism - and demands derived from it for the fight against the growing anti-Semitism. In background discussions, Küf Kaufmann, chairman of the Israelite religious community in Leipzig , and Dr. Ruth Röcher, Chair of the Chemnitz Jewish Community, outlines her perspective on antisemitism.