Threats, antisemitc insults and unknown substance in a letter received at the Green party in Göttingen

Jürgen Trittin Twitter
Göttingen - Gregor Kreuzer from the Greens in Göttingen is part of half a dozen party employees: inside, who were sprayed with white powder on Thursday morning. The Green House in Göttingen, which includes Jürgen Trittin's constituency office, had to be vacated. The offices of other parties in Göttingen and Hameln-Pyrmont were also affected, including rooms from the SPD, CDU, FDP and the Left.

First, the white powder should be examined. Until then, Kreuzer is not allowed to go back to his desk. A colleague had opened the letter in his presence - carefully and with scissors, because you could feel that there was something in it, he told the taz on the phone. But it could also have been flower seeds.

The envelope did not appear conspicuous, was neatly handwritten with the recipient and sender, and taped with Tesa. Inside then a checkered sheet with racist and antisemitic insults , including a swastika and 88, 18 - all scribbled as if by the hand of a primary school student. The powder felt more like chalk dust.

Source: taz