Zoom participant photo-bombs Channel 13 broadcast with Nazi swastika

During Sunday morning's workout class on Israel's Channel 13, a viewer participating in the Zoom instructional course photo-bombed the broadcast to display a Nazi swastika and flag behind the instructors.

The class, which takes place on the broadcast floor of Channel 13's studio, displayed a grid of participating viewers in the background of the class to give a more connected feel to those following along at home during the coronavirus.
Within that display, one of the chosen Zoom viewers decided to display the Nazi swastika, unbeknownst to the production staff and broadcast team.

Channel 13 stated that there are looking into how to prevent such situations from happening in the future.

A swastika in the Morning Network program aired through the Zoom of one of the training participants," said Israel Hayom's Entertainment and Media Reporter Eran Swissa.

"These days, we are looking at how to prevent invasive information from being transmitted through the Zoom app," Channel 13 said, according to Swissa.

Source: israelhayom