2019 Analysis on racist attacks & structures in Austria

ZARA Racism Report 2019 was presented at the press conference. The number is not representative: only a fraction of racism cases are reported. Just over half of all reported cases in 2019 (1070) were observed on the Internet. 

Again, more than half (542) of the Facebook messages came from Facebook users. However, only 35 percent of the 1070 observations could be prosecuted. There is often no legal handling, especially for private messages. ZARA therefore demands that human dignity as a legal good be guaranteed by law.

The Racism Report 2019 is the 20th edition since the association was founded in 1999. In total, ZARA documented 18,090 cases of racial discrimination during this period. A third of the cases were reported by those affected themselves. Two thirds of the reports came from witnesses. The reported cases concern not only the Internet, but also discrimination in public spaces, in connection with work and housing or with the police.

Source: ZARA