After Dieudonné, Youtube deletes Alain Soral's channels

The video platform YouTube removed, Monday, July 6, the channels of the figure of the far right conspirator Alain Soral. This sidelining of the controversial videographer comes shortly after the tightening of the rules of the online video platform, aimed at countering any proliferation of hate speech and conspiracy .
YouTube closed this Monday, July 6, the channels of Alain Soral, a polemic recidivist personality of Holocaust denial as well as incitement to racial hatred. At the end of June, it was the turn of Dieudonné, a person also known for his racist and anti-Semitic remarks , to see his channel deleted. More precisely, YouTube claims to have deleted 25,000 channels in all since the change in its regulations in June 2019, marking a hardening of its positions with regard to hate speech, according to the daily Le Monde . Thus, it is the reason for infringements "repeated (with) regulation of the community" which comes into force in the justification of the suppression of their respective channels by the site of sharing of videos.

Unsurprisingly, the two videographers retaliate with a classic victimization posture, to the extent that they renew a common victim posture of posing as some kind of martyrs of free public speech. The closure of their channels (that of Soral has nearly 200,000 subscribers, and that of Dieudonné about 450,000) with nearly 2,000 videos and millions of views is a real blow to these two representatives of the plot and racist discourse. Youtube effectively served them as an effective ideological showcase to gather a maximum of public around their paid platforms which enabled them to develop what seemed like a certain business with a rancid and nauseating ideology. So it’s by becoming victims,

As for Alain Soral, he made the choice to join another much less known but otherwise more accommodating video platform with regard to such speeches. However, if the deletion of his videos marks a definite halt, it would be naive to believe that his fans will not follow him for sure in other interlope places where already prosper, and certainly in an even more radical way, type of conspiratorial and racist discourse.

Source: toutelaculture