Antisemitic act in Nürnberg

Nürnberg On the first weekend of July, the Hebrew lettering ′′ Lo tirzach ′′ (Don't kill / You shouldn't kill) was smeared with a thin red colour in the arch of the entrance portal to the ′′Way of Human Rights" (Straße der Menschenrechte). Washing the paint turned out to be probably animal blood.

The ′′Way of Human Rights" is an exterior sculpture and memorial in the downtown area of Nuremberg. Each of the elements carries one of the human rights articles in German and another language in a short form. It was created by Israeli artist Dani Karavan and is part of the Germanisches Nationalmuseum.

An employee of the museum discovered the smeared inscription on the morning of July 6. The police were then informed, the grease was removed and the incident reported to RIAS Bayern.

′′This really scared me. I immediately realized this was a targeted act. Blood or a bloody liquid on a Hebrew inscription, I was thinking of pig blood, an impure animal, that was a targeted anti-Semitic act", a museum employee reported.

Sonja Mißfeldt, head of the press department of the German National Museum, said to RIAS Bavaria: ′′As a museum, we condemn antisemitism. It's our job to educate our work, especially in terms of historical events ".

Source: RIAS Bayern