Antisemitic graffiti in Vaterstetten

Vaterstetten - In the Upper Bavarian town of Vaterstetten, a large DHL packing station was smeared. The lettering "Juden Jena" was left behind. It is a slogan from the right football scene that is aimed at the FC Carl Zeiss Jena club. Marking them as 'Jews' is an attempt in football context to insult and disparage others.

In addition, a sexist insult was smeared, with an arrow pointed to a star of David. In addition, "NS" for National Socialism, the word "Germany" in a kind of rune script and the slogan "the flag up", a reference to the National Socialist Horst Wessel song, was left.

The slogans "Hasta la vista Antifacista" and "Antifa hunt", embedded in a crosshair, are aimed at the political opponents of the unknown perpetrators.

Due to the messages left behind, an extremely right-wing political background with regard to the violent right-wing football scene can be assumed.

Source: RIAS Bayern