'Antisemitism during the Bolsonaro government': Human Rights organization releases report

Several studies and experts point to an increase in manifestations and complaints of antisemitism in Brazil over the years, with a worsening in the period of the coronavirus pandemic. This is what the report “Antisemitism during the Bolsonaro government: first 18 months” (“O antissemitismo durante o governo Bolsonaro: 18 primeiros meses”) of Henry Sobel, a Human Rights Observatory in Brazil points out.

The document also lists antisemitic and intolerant actions that have taken place in the country, including politicians, since the beginning of 2019.

The NGO that promotes human rights on social networks and monitors radical websites registered the creation of 204 new pages of neo-Nazi content in the country in May this year, a number seven times higher than that registered in 2018.

Source: revistaforum