Antisemitism thrives in the corona crisis in Bavaria

In the first half of 2020, RIAS Bayern registered 116 antisemitic incidents - compared to 83 cases last year's period. The corona pandemic played a role in 51 cases.

RIAS Bayern documented ten targeted property damage, five threats, nine mass writings and 92 cases of verbal and written violating behavior in the Free State. For example, in the latter category, there were 44 gatherings, 18 cases of assault and face-to-face disputes and 15 grease or damage.

Almost half of the incidents relate to the corona pandemic. On 20. May, a football coach who wore a jacket of the Jewish sports club TSV Maccabi Munich was insulted as a ′′ Jewish scumbag ′′ in the English Garden in Munich and blamed Jews for Corona in this context.

With the advent of the 'Coronarebells', the number of known antisemitic incidents from the conspiracy ideological spectrum increased to 28 (2019: 4). RIAS Bayern documented to 37 gatherings against actual or imagined measures to contain of the Corona pandemic caused antisemitic incidents. At a 'Corona demo' on May 9. in Munich, about a photo montage was shown on which people of uniforms are violently ' forced vaccinated '. The emblem on the uniforms and cars of the fictional vaccine unit is based on a star of David and is inscribed 'ZION'. At least eight events, ' Jewish star s' were worn and thus downplayed the persecution of the Jews in National Socialism.

′′ The downplays of the Holocaust we observed are a slap in the face of the Jewish population of Bavaria, for whom the Holocaust is family history ", said RIAS Bavaria leader Annette Seidel-Arpac─▒. ′′ The increase in antisemitism from the conspiracy ideological spectrum is particularly worrying. The antisemitic basic pattern - the idea of a secret, rich group that dominates the world and wants to push people into misfortune - is widespread in the Corona demos and can easily turn into explicit antisemitism. Often, however, ciphers like ' New World Order ', ' Zionist s' or ' Rothschild s' are enough, and it's clear who is meant: 'the Jews'."

In the first half of 2020, Munich, where RIAS Bayern is based, was also the geographic focus of antisemitic incidents with 50 cases. However, the numbers collected reflect only a snippet of everyday antisemitism. The research and information centre RIAS Bayern started operations in 2019 More antisemitic incidents can be expected to be reported and known in the future as they rise.

Source: RIAS Bayern