CSG analysis of reported antisemitic incidents in Australia

This report is a statistical review of antisemitic incidents in the 2019 calendar year, reported to the CSG across Australia.

This is the second annual published report by CSG on antisemitic incident statistics, albeit CSG has been recording antisemitic incidents since its inception.

The Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ) examines antisemitism in its entirety as the elected national representative organisation of the Australian Jewish Community. This CSG publication compliments the ECAJ annual Report on Antisemitism in Australia by providing focus specifically on antisemitic incidents as part of CSG’s role in the provision of security protection to the Australian Jewish Community.

CSG recorded 451 antisemitic incidents in Australia in 2019.

An average of 29 antisemitic incidents took place every month in 2018.

This is 24% higher than the 343 antisemitic incidents reported to CSG in 2018. On average, this equates to 38 antisemitic incidents reported to CSG every month in 2019.

Source: csgnsw