Big Blue Bug displays banner calling for end to antisemitism

Providence, Rhode Island - The Big Blue Bug in Providence is not only sporting his pandemic face mask, but is also displaying a banner calling for an end to antisemitism.

The banner was commissioned by the Rhode Island Coalition for Israel and has been up since July 13.

Blue Bug Solutions said they regularly post banners with the bug on Route 95 for non-profits groups as a public service.

The coalition said the banner is in response to a spike in antisemitic statements by celebrities and politicians and antisemitic incidents during recent protests.

"This is a time of increased awareness about '-isms'," said RICI President Mary Greene. "But most people don't understand that antisemitism is a 2000-year old virus that stands alone and survives because of its ability to mutate according to a changing world."

The banner will be up until Monday.

Source: turnto10