Geert Wilder Twitter account was hacked with antisemitic messages

The HagueSince Thursday morning, the Twitter account of PVV leader Geert Wilders has been hacked. An unknown perpetrator, or group of perpetrators, has taken over the account with more than 815,000 followers and is using it to spread conspiracy theories, including antisemitic. CIDI reports the hacker (s) for inciting hatred and discrimination.

The hacker posted a link in the account bio to a public discussion group on Telegram (a messaging service similar to Whatsapp). In a few moments, that group was flooded with antisemitic comments and memes , many of which were sent by the same party behind the hack.

Also, much of the retweets created from the account since the hack are typical examples of anti-Semitic clichés that are alive and kicking online. Among other things, reports are distributed from David Icke, an infamous Holocaust denier . One of his posts that the hacker retweeted is a clichéd portrayal of the Jewish philanthropist George Soros as a world-dominating conspirator.

Source: CIDI