'Hitler should have gassed your family': Rabbi is sent a string of vile antisemitic messages after trying to sell a hand-carved walking stick

A rabbi has been told Hitler should have gassed his family after he asked a buyer for $50 to ship a hand-carved snake head walking stick.

The Jewish religious leader, who wishes to remain anonymous, had put the item on sale for $20 in a Facebook marketplace group.

He then asked the buyer for an extra $30 to cover the postage costs of the walking stick before he was bombarded with antisemitic texts.

'Your [sic] a Jewish piece of shit, should have been gassed,' the buyer said.

'Your people got killed off because they are pieces of garbage.'

The buyer continued on her hateful tirade and called him an 'inbred Jew' who raped 'little boys'.

'Your a piece of shit rabbi go back there your own country you piece of shit.

'Hitler should have gassed you Jewish scum.'

The rabbi said he was overwhelmed with a range of emotions from the string of insults and abuse. 

'When I woke up in the morning and saw the stream of abusive and abhorrent messages, I went through a series of emotions: shock, panic, and then pity,' he said.


'I also felt violated at how sudden and quick the situation changed, since it was over $30, and it revealed a deep hatred. I found that beyond disturbing. 

'I was shocked at how comfortable she felt to be openly and continuously abusive and antisemitic. I panicked at her motivation to contact me privately with more virulent attacks on my family and me. And finally, pity that she is filled with such bitterness.' 

Anti-Defamation Commission Dr Dvir Abramovich slammed the outburst of abusive text messages.

'Every individual, regardless of their faith and ethnicity, deserves to feel safe, and I am deeply concerned that violent words, as revealed in these posts, may turn deadly as we have seen in massacres around the world.'

Source: Daily mail