Holocaust memorial vandalized in Charleston

Charleston, SC - Charleston police are investigating after someone covered the plaque of the Holocaust Memorial in Marion Square with graffiti.

A passerby noticed the scrawls on July 22, according to a police report, and called the Charleston Jewish Federation. It’s unclear when the vandalism took place, and police haven’t yet found any suspects.

According to a police report the following words were written on the plaque using a green marker:
  • “Wake UP Israel (Negroes) !!!”
  • “Ashkenazi Jews”
  • “FAKE JEWS” which the police report indicated was written twice on the plaque
  • “The so called ‘Negroes’ are the REAL JEWS of the Bible!!!”

The federation called the graffiti an antisemitic hate crime, and noted that its members are working with marginalized groups statewide to enact hate crime legislation in South Carolina.

“Hate and antisemitism has no place in our city or our society, and when our memorials or our places of worship are targeted, it strikes fear into the hearts of all those who hold these spaces sacred,” the Charleston Jewish Federation said in a statement. “Now, more than ever, we as Charlestonians and Americans must empathize with and respect each other’s historic and ongoing traumas.”