Houthis round up Yemen's Jews as part of 'ethnic cleansing' efforts

Houthi, Yemen July 21, 2016. /Reuters
Sana'a - The Houthi rebel group in Yemen arrested Jews in the Kharif District of the 'Amran Governorate northwest of Sana'a as part of "ethnic cleansing" efforts as well as looting money from various sects and groups, according to the Egyptian Al-Mesryoon newspaper.

Local sources from Kharif told Al-Mesryoon that the Houthis had rounded up the Jews and imprisoned them due to their religion and were pressuring them to leave Yemen.

The Houthis forced the Jews to sign pledges to sell their homes, land and property to Houthi leaders at nominal prices and then leave Yemen.

The Houthis have reportedly persecuted the few Jews left in Yemen by cutting off their water and electricity and preventing them from purchasing food. The rebel group uses similar practices against non-Shi'ite Yemenis and Yemenis from other religions, according to Al-Mesryoon.

Most of Yemen's Jewish population was airlifted out of the country soon after the State of Israel was founded. Most of those who remained have left the country as well, leaving only a handful of Jews who have refused to leave.

Yemen’s Information Minister Moammer al-Iryani stated in 2017 that the state of the 50 or so remaining Jews in the country was "unknown."

A popular Houthi slogan includes the phrase "Curse the Jews."

Source: Jpost