Laith Marouf says reading “Holocaust Porn in Israel” helps to understand Zionism

Laith Marouf. Photo: YouTube Ellen Craig – screenshot

Montreal, QC - Laith Marouf is a Syrian-born pro Palestinian activist based in Montreal. He is a “multimedia consultant and producer and currently serves as Senior Consultant at the Community Media Advocacy Centre ( and the coordinator of ICTV, a project to secure a multilingual community television license for Montreal (”

On June 27, 2020 Laith Marouf posted on Facebook:
If you want to understand the psychosis that is Zionism, examining Netanyahu or AIPAC will get you nowhere. You need to read about Holocaust Porn in Israel, to understand how an oppressed people not only emulate their oppressor, but also fetishize their oppressors and oppressing others.
When asked by Mark Williams “Are you talking about literal sexual pornography involving holocaust/Nazi fantasies?” Laith Marouf responded: “yes”

Source: hcanadadocs