Survey - Experiences and perceptions of antisemitism among Jews in Switzerland

According to a study by the ZHAW, Jews in Switzerland often experience harassment and discrimination based on their beliefs. This is an increasing problem, especially on the Internet.

The Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW) said on Thursday that around half of those surveyed had stated that they had been harassed in real or online antisemitic ways in the past five years.

Almost three quarters believed that antisemitism was an increasing problem. "These figures clearly show that antisemitism exists in Switzerland and shapes the everyday life of the Jews living here," says the director of studies and director of the ZHAW Institute for Delinquency and Crime Prevention, Dirk Baier.

Almost nine out of ten respondents believe that antisemitism has increased on the Internet and especially on social media. Around half of those questioned had witnessed how Jews were threatened or insulted online.

However, they rarely experienced physical violence. Most orthodox Jews reported abuses. Almost all of them had been subjected to some form of harassment in the past five years.

According to the notification, 487 people took part in the survey. The majority of the online surveys were carried out in cooperation with the GRA Foundation against Racism and Antismitism.

Source: twnews