Swiss right-wing party uses Holocaust memorial in campaign against open borders

Bern - The right-wing Swiss People’s Party has apologised after using an image of Berlin’s Holocaust memorial in a campaign to prevent Switzerland from becoming ‘over concreted’ due to increased migration.

The images, which were shared through Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, have since been deleted. 

The images were part of the SVP’s ‘limitation initiative’ which seeks to restrict the amount of immigration to Switzerland from the European Union. 

The initiative, initially scheduled for May, was moved to September due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

A spokesperson for the SVP said something “went wrong” with the post and lamented the “huge lapse”. 

SVP Secretary Martin Suter told the Tagesanzeiger that the post was prepared after doing a stock image search for concrete and that nobody recognised the photograph came from the Holocaust memorial. 

"We certainly didn't want to use it to provoke and fill the summer slump in the media."

In a tweet released on July 24th, the party said “We made a mistake! When several posts were released internally, we were not aware of what the symbol image used was. We apologise to all people whose feelings we may have hurt with this mistake.”

Source: The local