The journalist Luciana Sabina published an antisemitic comment on Twitter

Luciana Sabina
Mendoza - The journalist Luciana Sabina from Mendoza published an antisemitic comment on her social network Twitter when responding to a publication. In it, the user @Gaychito had written "They asked me why the Jews put stones and not flowers in the graves?", And they replied: "The answer is that the flowers wilt and the stones are eternal."

The journalist quoted the tweet and published: «And they are free !!! (Sorry, I couldn't help the joke !!!) ».

Voices of repudiation automatically arose. Among them the one of @Erin_babel, who replied: «The gas chambers were not free. Forced labor in Siberia was not free. The killings in Hebron on 1929 were not free. The pogroms were not free. The inquisition was not free. The persecution and the exile were not free. Nothing is free to us Jews.

And many more joined. The journalist is a historian from Mendoza, a columnist for the newspaper Los Andes and one of the first national “influencers” when Twitter began.

After being repudiated in the networks, she apologized, deleted the tweet and published another controversial comment: “I never imagined that an innocent joke about stinginess was going to be taken that way. I apologize to the people who were offended and I leave the topic here ».

Mendoza journalist-antisemitic commentary
Mendoza journalist-antisemitic commentary

Source: visavis