The Ministry of the interior report of the evolution of hate crimes in 2019 in Spain

In 2019, the State Security Forces and Corps registered a total of 1,706 hate crimes and incidents in Spain, representing an increase of 6.8% compared to the previous year, in which 1,598 events of this nature were recorded.

This is reflected in the new 'Report on the Evolution of Hate Crimes' of the Ministry of the Interior, a statistical balance that is prepared annually and whose objective is to be an x-ray of this criminal phenomenon as a starting point for a better response in the fight hate crime.

By typology, the area that registered the highest number of crimes in 2019 was that of “ideology”, as 596 had been counted, with a percentage increase of 1.9% compared to the previous year. However, the hate crime that increased the most was “racism / xenophobia”, with an increase of 20.9%, going from 426 in 2018 to 515 in 2019.

The other two areas that increased the most during 2019 were "sexual orientation and gender identity", at 8.6% (278 crimes and hate incidents in that year), and "people with disabilities" rose 4% (standing at 26 counted cases).

These data are joined by the 5 hate crimes or incidents registered for "antisemitism", the 12 for "aporophobia", the 66 for "religious beliefs or practices", the 69 for "discrimination based on sex / gender", 9 for "generational discrimination" and 8 for "discrimination based on illness".

Source: servimedia