Unknown man burst into Mariupol synagogue with an ax

The attacker throws garbage in the direction of the synagogue building 
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Mariupol - An unknown man attacked a synagogue in the city of Mariupol (Donetsk region).

After the morning prayer, an unknown person burst into the synagogue building with an ax. He attacked the guard who came out to the meeting and hit him several times.

The United Jewish Community of Ukraine was informed about this by the leader of the Jewish community of Mariupol, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Cohen. 

According to the respected rabbi, a fight ensued, the guard managed to disarm the attacker, who was about 20 years younger.

The community also provided video from surveillance cameras. The video shows a young man attacking a guard with an ax. 

In addition, the attacker, while fleeing, managed to throw packages and cans with feces, sand and an unknown substance towards the synagogue building.