An antisemitic post of the daughter of the former mayor of Lviv

Lilya Migovich
Rivne - Lilya Migovich is an activist and the daughter of former Lviv mayor Lyubomir Bunyak. She wrote a post about Jews: "I see how these pig dogs are allowed to do anything, including celebrate their holidays. They are allowed to cross the border freely without any masks.

They carry diseases, dirt and various ailments, because they are polluted even at the level of the small details, not to mention the fact that they smell physically unpleasant and behave like animals. "

Lilia's post is shared by three thousand five hundred people.

PS. Lilia said the post was deleted, and her Facebook page was suspended for 30 days. But she has another account, also named after Lilia Migovich, from which she will now publish.

Source: Eduard Dolinsky