Antisemitic chants during Islamic riots in Malmö

Malmö - The riots in Malmö, Sweden's third-largest city and one of the country's most ethnically diverse communities, erupted after a Quran-burning staged by members of the anti-Islamic Danish Hard Line party in what was claimed to be a gesture of solidarity with the "brotherly" Swedish people.

During the violent riots in Malmö that broke out on Friday, slogans against Jews were shouted by the crowd. Now the police will investigate the incident that may be classified as “incitement against ethnic groups”, the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet reported.

Following the riots, clips were posted on social media with protesters clenching their fists and shouting “Jews, remember Khaybar, Mohammed's army returns.” According to the Central Jewish Council, Khaybar was a place where Jews were murdered by Prophet Mohammad, a central figure in Islam, and his followers in 628, and the slogans are interpreted as “a call for the murder and purge of Jews”.

Source: sputniknews